GBG ID3global. Validate the identification of billions of citizens global

GBG ID3global. Validate the identification of billions of citizens global

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So how exactly does GBG ID3global give you support with GDPR?

We are able to allow you to make sure that the consumer data you procedure is accurate or over to date. You can easily be confident that someone is whom they do say they have been. GBG ID3global helps you remain compliant by helping you to just find the information you might need usage of, and also to produce profiles to target the check you intend to finish.

GBG ID3global is PCI-DSS compliant.

Discover more about how exactly we can help your GDPR requirements here.

Presenting GBG ID3global

GBG ID3global can confirm the identification of almost any person, any place in the global globe, whenever you want. Impressed? You shall be. And thus will your prospects. Get onboarding right, and you’ll impress them from time one. But there’s a lot more. In ever-growing international markets you can’t afford to have poor links in your method of danger and fraudulence. And also you won’t. We have this 1 size doesn’t fit all. We realize organisations differ by location, areas, size, sector, and operations. So an individual, prescriptive way of identification verification simply does not occur. And that’s why GBG ID3global provides a broad profile of id checks and this can be combined or utilized independently to match the in-patient requirements of one’s business.

The bottom line is, GBG ID3global can help you

GBG solutions that are ID3global

Age verification

We realize that being able to limit usage of age limited products and solutions is a priority that is particular the video video gaming, retail and economic sectors.

Our anti-money laundering (AML) compliant age verification pc pc pc software protects both you and your clients by ensuring you allow the right individuals in, and keep carefully the wrong individuals away.

Anti money laundering

PwC estimate just as much as 5% of international GDP is created through unlawful task. do something against cash laundering and take away danger.

Our anti-money laundering solution helps you meet with the regulations built to protect all of us, along with playing a job within the battle to help make the globe an improved, safer place to be.

Banking account verification

You have to be certain customers are offering you complete and bank that is accurate details, to help you identify fraudulence.

Our bank-account verification computer pc computer software immediately validates kind codes, account and target details at registration, reducing delays due to wrong information.

Identification verification

You need a dependable, real time solution that ensures your business is always protected when it comes to knowing your customer.

Our identification verification computer pc computer software makes it possible to remain aware of false or taken identities, very very first or 3rd party fraudulence, application fraudulence and cash laundering

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before it causes an issue so you can take action.

Identification fraudulence avoidance

You need a dependable, adaptable solution that ensures your business is always protected when it comes to identifying fraudulent activity.

Our identity fraudulence avoidance computer pc pc software can help you remain aware of false or taken identities, very very first or 3rd party fraudulence, application fraudulence and cash laundering in order to do something before it causes a concern.

PEPs and Sanctions

Numerous regulations that are national a detailed politically exposed people (PEPs) and enhanced sanctions check.

We could allow you to adhere to anti-money laundering (AML) laws and combat fraudulence by determining high-risk people before they are able to have an effect in your company.

Understand Your Customer

Client homework means using actions to determine your web visitors and checking they’ve been whom they state they are.

Our understand Your Customer solution helps you meet with the money laundering laws made to protect all of us, also supplying an instant and solution that is easy check always identification in moments.

Why choose GBG ID3global?


GBG ID3global is a totally configurable guidelines platform, by which it is possible to build pages to automate accept, decline and refer decisions. What this means is anywhere your customer is, whichever channel they choose, and under whichever jurisdictions your online business may run, a single connection provides worldwide validation.

International trading

If you’re trading cross-border, you might require various ID pages predicated on in which the customer is found, additionally the information designed for validation. With regards to the networks you transact through in addition to places of the entities, you may possibly need various pages on the basis of the environment that is regulatory.

Universal conformity

Meet worldwide requirements that are regulatory. We help out with fulfilling the AML practises associated with the lots of areas for which we operate, along with the regulated video gaming markets. All ID checks are kept in an on-line review path, available for reference once you require them.

Improve functional efficiency

Select instantly whether or not to accept a customer that is new on accurate information as well as on your very own rules and attitude to danger. Plus, make smarter strategic decisions – and produce profitable home based business models, which will help you to definitely enter brand brand new areas with quality and self- confidence.

A solution that is fully customisable

GBG ID3global may be scaled and tailored specifically to your companies requires, techniques and approach to risk.

Resilient technology

We achieve the best levels of information safety requirements, supplying self- confidence to any or all organisations working together with us. Our information centers are completely protected for catastrophe data data recovery — there’s no single point of failure.

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